Consultation Panel

The Association set up its very first Consultation Panel in January 2013, as part of our wider customer engagement strategy to get more service users involved in our work.  This section will provide key information about the Consultation Panel, its role and its remit, and that of its members.

Who can join the Consultation Panel?

Membership of the Panel is open to all service users of the Association, including tenants, applicants on our housing list, members, and home owners in receipt of a factoring service from us. Whilst serving Management Committee members cannot be part of the Panel, the Committee are very supportive of the role of the Panel, and where appropriate, will take the views of the Panel into account.

So, what would being a Panel member involve?

The role of the Panel is to act as a consultation group for the Association, so a Panel member can expect to receive regular communications from us, by email or by post.  For time and cost effectiveness, those members that have an email address will be contacted by email.  We are keen to attract more members who have an email address, so if you have one, why not sign up to the Panel and engage with us electronically!

The updates sent to Panel members may include information on complaints, the results from surveys, content from our social media, policy consultations, and any decisions made by the Management Committee. As a Panel member, your role will be to provide your views on such matters at times, by answering a few specific questions for consultation purposes.  The Panel will meet together as a group at least once a year.

 How do I join and what happens next?

To join the Panel, all you have to do is provide some basic details such as your name, address, contact details, and relationship to the Association.  Please provide your details to Laura Shields, Communication and Engagement Officer, by emailing , or by completing the 'Get Involved' section of our website..  Once you have joined, you will receive a welcome letter from the Association, start receiving updates from us, and you will be invited to any future Consultation Panel events.