Introduction to the Charter

The Scottish Social Housing Charter came into effect in April 2012.  The Charter was developed as a result of the Housing (Scotland) Act 2010, which supports the Government's long term strategy for a Safer, Stronger Scotland.  It emphasises continuous improvement in the quality and value of services delivered  to customers and it places a greater focus on service user involvement by encouraging customer-led shaping of services.

As of April 2013 all Scottish Registered Social Landlords (RSLs) have to meet the outcomes and standards set by the Charter, and meet its reporting requirements.  The Charter can seem a bit complicated, which is why we have produced our very own Charter booklet for customers of Shettleston Housing Association.  The Charter booklet tells you in simple terms what it means for you, and what you can expect from us.  You can view our Charter booklet by clicking here.

As mentioend before, service user involvement and satisfaction are at the heart of the Charter, and also fundamental to the work we do at the Association.  For this reason, we worked hard to develop our Engagement Strategy for tenants and service users.  We have already implemented new mechanisms to allow you to have your say and lead service improvement, these include our How Well Did We Do? survey cards, our streamlined Complaints Procedure, and our Consultation Panel. 

The Charter placed new reporting requirements on the Association.  Most notably for you, each year the Regulator publishes its 'Regulator's Landlord Report to tenants', which we make available for you via our website, social media and newsletter.  Following the publication of the Regulator's report, the Association produces its own annual performance report for tenants in October each year, with the involvement of tenants and residents.  Click on the 'Performance' section to view our Performance Reports.