Our Engagement Strategy

The Social Housing Charter requires all housing associations to consult service users about the services they receive. Here at SHA, tenant participation and involvement has been fundamental to the Association since the early days and will continue to be so in the future.  The Association has recently reviewed, updated and expanded its Engagement Strategy for tenants and service users,  to ensure that it meets the requirements of the Scottish Social Housing Charter.  The new Strategy was approved by the Management Committee in June 2013. 

You can find our Engagement Strategy by clicking here.

We consulted our service users on the Engagement Strategy in the March 2013 edition of our 'Shettleston Matters' Newsletter - Click here to see the consultation article in the Newsletter.  We also consulted the Consultation Panel, which was set up in January 2013 as part of our wider strategy to get service users more involved in the work of the Association.  One of the Panel’s first tasks was to help us agree the best ways of engaging with our service users – the people who live in our houses and use our services. 

For further information on the Engagement Strategy or to give us your views on the strategy, please contact Anne McAlpine, Performance Manager.