Our Performance

The Association aims to perform to the highest standards possible and wishes to ensure that tenants, local residents and others are able to judge that performance for themselves. 

Our Internal Management Plan (IMP) sets out the priorities and direction of the organisation over the next three years.  Each year, the Management Commitee and staff review the Association's IMP, taking into account the previous year's outcomes, and set measurable targets for the year ahead. 

To view a summary of our Internal Management Plan for 2017/18, please click here.

The Association received its first Landlord report from the Scottish Housing Regulator for its performance in 2013/14.  

The most recent Landlord Report 2015/16 for the Association from the Regulator can be viewed by clicking on the following link:



The Association also produces an annual Charter Performance Report each year for its tenants and service users.  This is a vehicle for us to report back on our annual performance against our targets to our tenants and service users.  In this report we compare our performance with that of previous years, and also with similar social landlords, to allow tenants to make an informed judgement of our performance. 

Our most recent Performance Report, looking back at our performance in 2015/16, can be viewed by clicking here, or on the image below. 


To view our 2014/15 Performance Report, please click on the image below:


 To view our 2013/14 Performance Report please click here, or on the image below


To view our 2012/13 Performance Report please click here, or on the image below.

Our quarterly newsletters include reports on our performance against a range of Key Performance Indicators and copies of these are included in our Documents section under Key Performance Indicators.

In addition, the Association also makes available monthly statistical reports on our performance across a range of housing management and maintenance headings.  These can be viewed in our Documents section under Monthly Statistical Performance.