Meet the Major Investment Project Team

Meet Angela and Lesely - our Major Investment Projects team!


Lesley McPherson - Project Assistant                 Angela McMurran - Project Officer 

Between these two members of staff and their consultants, including John Campbell (pictured below), who provides Clerk of Works services for the projects, they organise the improvements to your home as part of our major investment programme.


John Campbell, Clerk of Works Consultant


Investment Works Programme for 2016-2017:

December 2015 – May 2016

Phase 1 - 54 central heating boilers replaced by City Technical, since December 2015.

Phase 2 – Propose to replace 58 of our oldest boilers in various addresses by mid May 2016

April/May 2016

Phase 4 - Timber double glazed windows & Secure by Design doors.

A further six homes at 703 – 731 Shettleston Road will benefit from new windows and doors during April/May 2016, following over 2000 windows fitted during Phases 1 – 4 over the past two years by J B Bennett.

Spring/Summer 2016

Replacement controlled entry doors/systems:

19 GDX5 system upgrades with replacement timber doors and two 'doors only' upgrades were carried out during the summer 2016 to commit our £124,000 budget allocated for these works. Feedback from tenants has been that they are delighted with the new easy to open doors and the new fobs systems are working a treat!  The project has been so popular that the Association is looking at rolling out a further phase in 2017 - addresses to be confirmed.

Glenalmond Street's upgraded controlled entry fob systmem, with wider door  

Pictured above: Glenalmond Street's upgraded controlled entry fob system, with wider door.


Rewiring project at the inter-war tenements around Denbeck Street:

132 residents provided access to Star Electrics to have their homes electrically upgraded during Summer 2016. An increased number of double sockets to improve décor, a further smoke alarm, heat detector and new consumer units were among the upgrade works to meet the current electrical standards. 

Pictured: Re-wiring to include consumer units, increased sockets, pendants, smoke alarm, carbon monoxide detector, and heat detectors in kitchens.


Kitchens & bathrooms in the Steel Estate

Two pilots took place in Ardgay Street during October 2016, in readiness for the kitchen and bathroom project kicking off on 7th November 2016, to 53 homes by our approved contractor, MCN Limited.  All tenants have now had their kitchens measured up and made their kitchen choices which have now been ordered from Howdens.  Tenants are delighted with their six choices of gloss kitchen units, worktops, handles and wall boards.  Mira electrical showers with a choice of wallboards have also been introduced into this contract.  Harry McNamara, MCN Limited’s Resident Liaison Officer will be based at the site compound at our five ways plot at the bottom of Ochil Street/Ardgay Street together with our consultant Clerk of Works John Campbell.

Pictured above: an example of a well-kept replacement bathroom

Survey Works

Prior to major works taking place in their homes, our project team and consultant Clerk of Works will ask to visit you for a pre-survey of works required in your home. This is an extremely useful exercise for the project team, as it allows them to programme your investment works, and helps to reduce timescales when they are on-site with the contractor. 

The project team appreciate all the support that tenants have shown us so far during the surveys, as they really do assist with your investment works!