Second Stage Transfer

On March 30th 2009,  731 homes in Shettleston and South Greenfield, owned by Glasgow Housing Association (GHA) and managed by Shettleston Housing Association LHO, were transferred to Shettleston Housing Association through a process known as Second Stage Transfer (SST).  The journey to SST was a long and convoluted one. The following is a synopsis of the key stages.

In March 2003 all of the houses owned by Glasgow City Council were transferred to Glasgow Housing Association, a newly created association designed to become the landlord for the City Council's 80,000 tenants.  A crucial part of the transfer and the ballot that preceded it in 2002, was the creation of Local Housing Organisations (LHO’s), which would take over management responsibility for houses in a local community and be responsive to tenant priorities and local needs.

Shettleston Housing Association was appointed as the local housing organisation for the 900 odd houses in Shettleston and South Greenfield and duly entered into a management contract with GHA for that purpose.  

Under the management arrangements, a sub-committee of the Association made up of LHO tenants, LHO owners and Shettleston Management Committee nominees, would oversee the work of the staff team in Shettleston. The Community Housing Manager, while remaining an employee of GHA, would report to and be answerable to the LHO sub-committee, in a fashion that was broadly similar to housing association staff reporting to their Management Committee.

The management agreement was subsequently renewed in early 2006 under the terms of legislation passed by the Scottish Parliament, which gave Scottish Ministers the right to appoint a registered housing association as an LHO under the terms of a new, revised agreement.

Included within both of the management agreements was a provision that gave the nominated LHO exclusive right to put forward proposals for Second Stage Transfer to GHA.  

As the name suggests, Second Stage Transfer involves the onward transfer of houses to a new landlord, subject to GHA's and the Regulator’s acceptance of an agreed Business Plan, and the support of tenants in a ballot similar to that which applied in 2002.  In September 2007 the Association submitted to GHA and had accepted, its Business Case, which demonstrated that Second Stage Transfer could work in Shettleston.  The final Business Plan was submitted at the end of March 2008, signalling the start of a final consultation period between GHA and tenants.  The ballot on SST was held between 17th November and 8th December with the result, on a 55.2% turnout, being:

Yes to Transfer - 87%, No to Transfer - 13%

 The transfer took place 16 weeks later at a ceremony in Glasgow's Royal Concert Hall attended by Nicola Sturgeon, Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing.