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The Association is committed to the involvement of tenants and other service users in the running of its affairs, and to consulting its customers over decisions and policies that may affect them. The Scottish Social Housing Charter, which sets the standards and outcomes that social landlords must achieve, also holds service user involvement at its heart and encourages more customer-led shaping of services.   This means a much greater role for you to take part.

It is worth emphasising that there already exist a number of ways for you to engage with us, including the recently launched “How Well Did We Do” cards, which allow us to link your feedback to service improvements.  But we are always thinking of new ways to attract your involvement, and some of these are mentioned in the sections below.

Although the Charter and the Association strongly encourage keeping tenants at the heart of all our services, it is of course entirely up to you to decide if you wish to get involved, and how you wish to do so. 

Become a Member of Shettleston Housing Association:

Shettleston is a community based Housing Association whose membership is open to anyone over 18 years of age living within the Association’s area of operation.  If you live within the Association’s area (click on map, below, to enlarge) and are over 18 (16 for tenants) you are entitled to apply for membership.  

Membership costs £1 and is for life as long as you remain living in the Association’s area. If you move out of the area the Association would end your membership.  Applications for membership are considered by the Management Committee at the next scheduled committee meeting.  The Committee’s decisions are governed by the Association Rules and the Membership Policy. 

If you are a Member and aged 18 or over, you are entitled to stand for election to the Management Committee.  Elections to the Management Committee are held every year and where there are more candidates for election than there are vacancies; a postal ballot is conducted in which every tenant as well as every Association member is entitled to vote. Postal ballots are conducted by an independent election administrator and campaigning/canvassing by candidates is subject to clear rules. The results of elections are announced at the Annual General Meeting in September and must be ratified by the AGM.

If you are interested in becoming a Member, or interested in becoming a Management Committee Member, please contact us on 0141 763 0511 for more information.

You decide how to get involved:

As mentioned earlier, we would like you to decide how you wish to get more involved and have a say in evaluating the Association’s services and overall performance.  You may register your interest in getting involved in our work by completing the Get Involved form at the bottom of this page.

In the event that we receive a very high expression of interest, we will be recruiting tenants and other service users to make best use of the skills and experience they can offer.  We would also strongly encourage participation from those of you that are able to communicate in different ways such as email and social networking, and those of you that are from under-represented groups. 

Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Email:

Apart from the more traditional methods of getting customers involved, we have also expanded our social media presence through increased activity on Facebook and Twitter.  Social Media is a very easy, quick and cost effective way for us to communicate with our customers, and allows us to keep you up to date with the latest news from the Association as it happens. It is equally an easy and quick way for you to get in touch with us to share any comments or views. 

The Association recognises that it is not always easy or convenient for you to make arrangements to attend in person, and this is where online engagement becomes a much more attractive option for some.

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Taking Part - What is in it for you?

Apart from learning more about the Association’s performance, and having a say in shaping our services, taking part in the work of the Association can help enhance your skills and confidence.  Working as part of a group to achieve a common purpose can help develop your skills in team working, critical analysis, decision making, and give you a better understanding of housing policy and practice.  You may even benefit from receiving free training to enable you to effectively carry out your role.  We will be happy to support your development in return for your time and commitment.

Get Involved – Register your interest:

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