Wider Role Activities

Wider Role can be described as...”activities by housing associations that go beyond housing provision and management and seek to improve the social and economic circumstances of local communities.”

SHA has a strong commitment to its wider role as an engine for the regeneration of the local area. It employs a wider role manager and project staff whose remit is to support, promote and instigate regeneration and community development activity, working for the benefit of the entire community, irrespective of tenure. A Development and Wider Role Sub-committee oversees this work and its current strategic priorities, reflective of the needs of the area, are:

  • Employment and income maximisation
  • Young people
  • Older people 
  • The environment

Current wider role projects:


Shettleston Energy Advice (SEA)

For some time the Association has been concerned about the estimated 41% of Shettleston households that are in fuel poverty [ie. households that spend more than 10% of their income on fuel bills] and in 2012 successfully applied for Climate Challenge Funding to establish a local energy advice project. The SEA advisors visit residents in their home to advise them on ways to improve their energy efficiency and decrease their bills.  The team can also give information on any grants or subsidies that are currently available. The project is open to all Shettleston residents, irrespective of tenure.

You can contact the SEA team on 0808 202 6565

The contact details for the SEA advisors are:

Angela Tyrrell:  0141 763 2992

Evelyn Milligan:  0141 763 2993


Shettleston Community Growing Project (SCGP)

SHA responded to a demand from local people who were keen to see a community allotment in the Shettleston area.  The Association made land available for the allotment site and provided staff support to develop the project, alongside community partners and Glasgow City Council.  Funding was secured from the Climate Challenge Fund to establish the SCGP site at Eckford Street, which opened in spring 2011. Since then, the SCGP has expanded into adjacent derelict ground, has established a community and wildlife garden, has provided over 50 local residents with raised beds in which to grow vegetables and has rolled out a gardening club for children – the Smelly Welly Club

The partnership between SHA and SCGP has sparked further joint working including the 'Green Volunteer Project’ and the Children and Families Programme, [both with funding assistance from the People and Communities Fund].  The Green Volunteers Project is getting more local people into gardening, improving their health, fitness and social life. Help is also available for those who are volunteering with a view to increasing their employability. The Children and Families Programme encourages whole families to get involved in healthy, outdoor activies. 

Each August the Eckford Street site hosts a Family Fun Day, run jointly by the Association and the SCGP.  Always falling on the last Sunday before the start of the autumn school term, the event is hugely popular with Shettleston and Tollcross residents.

If you are interested in finding out more abou the SCGP project, you can contact Marion, project co-ordinator, on 0141 763 0511 or 07530 985483.


Fuse Youth Café

SHA worked in partnership with a local group to convert a disused public house to Shettleston’s first youth facility (opened 2009).  The Assoc. used loan finance to purchase the building and drew in grant money from the Scottish Government’s Wider Role Fund to fund the capital works.  Although Fuse is an independent charity, the Association continues to support its work and promote its services throughout our community.  

You can contact Fuse Youth Cafe on 0141 778 4477.


Upkeep – Shettleston Community Enterprises

SHA set up Upkeep in 2005 to create jobs for local people. Upkeep delivers property maintenance and estate caretaking services and, as a Social Firm, 25% of its jobs are reserved for people with physical or mental disabilities or social disadvantage.  Upkeep Recycling is an offshoot that aims to reduce the amount of perfectly usable furniture and white goods that every year get consigned to landfill sites.

For more information about Upkeep, please visit their website www.upkeepglasgow.org.uk.  You can contact Upkeep on 0141 764 3793


Shettleston Men's Shed

Sometimes described as a 'youth club' for older people, the men's shed movement started in Australia over 20 years ago and has since spread to the UK. Aimed mainly at older, retired men, men's sheds provide a social and recreational outlet for a group of people that can be at risk of loneliness and of developing physical and mental health problems.  The idea for the Shettleston Men's Shed came from a retired Shettleston resident who was worried about his own health and wellbeing.  After reading about Men's Sheds in a newspaper article he decided a similar project in Shettleston would be good for him and for others in the local area.  The Association helped bring together like-minded men to form a steering group and provided development support and premises.  Shettleston Men's Shed - the first in Glasgow - opened for business in April 2015 at 647 Shettleston Road and  meets on Wednesday and Friday afternoons.


Also…various arts projects with local schools linked to new-build developments, various environmental projects involving local residents groups, support club for elderly local residents.