Am I Eligible?

Am I Eligible?

How will my application be assessed?

The Association will give reasonable preference to applicants in housing need. In determining these needs, we recognise households who are experiencing some or all of the following conditions:

  • homelessness;
  • living in overcrowded conditions;
  • living in properties lacking basic amenities;
  • living in unsatisfactory housing conditions (which can include medical as well as some social need).

A points system will award priority based on the housing need. Some lists will however, run in date order once the priority has been assessed. This will include the medical and high social
priority lists.

The assessment process will also decide whether you will be placed on the ‘Active’ or ‘Non Active’ list. You can be suspended from the active list and placed on the non active list for the
following reasons:

  • rent arrears or other tenancy related debts (unless there is an acceptable arrangement in place);
  • you have lost secure accommodation as a result of your own actions;
  • you have voluntarily given up secure accommodation;
  • you have without good reason worsened your housing circumstances to appear in greater housing need;
  • you have knowingly given false information or withheld information;
  • you have refused three offers of re-housing from the Association;
  • you have adopted threatening or violent or abusive behaviour towards staff or a person in the neighbourhood.

If you are suspended from the active list you will receive written confirmation of the reason, timescale of the suspension and any action you require to take, if appropriate. You will also be advised of your right to appeal this decision.

What list can I be considered for?

You may be placed on one of the 10 lists operated by the Association as follows:

  • General Housing List: Open to all applicants who are not tenants of the Association.
  • Transfer List: Open to all existing Association tenants.
  • Section 5 Referrals: List of statutory Homeless applicants assessed and referred by Glasgow City Council.
  • Medical List: Open to applicants with a medical need
  • Social Priority: Open to applicants who are experiencing severe harassment and or abuse.
  • Local Lettings Initiative: Refer to separate leaflet for further information.
  • HomemoveUK & HOMESWAP: Homes, Jobs and Opportunities.
  • Aspirational List: open to Association tenants who have held their current tenancy for over 10 years.
  • Referrals: the Association will accept referrals from agreed organisations for applicants who may have specific support needs.
  • Housing Action List: Open to applicants applying from a designated clearance area within the Association’s stock.

The Association will set targets for each list which will mean that each list will be allocated a certain proportion of properties which become available each year.

If I am on a list what choice will I have and when will I receive an offer?

The Association aims to promote choice. You will be able to select re-housing by completing a detailed list of our stock highlighting your preferences. Supply and demand can vary significantly within different areas and property types across our stock. We will try and ensure you are given sufficient information and advice on the availability of your choice of properties.
“When will I receive an offer?” is one of the most difficult questions to answer. It will depend on your own circumstances, the type of property you need, the type you want, the needs and preferences of other applicants and the availability of houses to let. Although you are free to choose streets, floor levels etc, if you are very restrictive it may affect your chances of re-housing.

Home visits

You will normally be visited at home. The purpose of the visit is to discuss your application, choice of accommodation and to verify the information you have provided on your application form. If you are a Shettleston Housing Association Tenant a tenancy termination inspection will also be carried out to ensure on leaving a property you comply with your tenancy agreement to leave the house in a clean, tidy condition and good decorative order etc.

What happens if I am made an offer?

An offer will be sent to you giving you two days to contact the
office to note your interest or decline the offer. If you are interested
in the offer it is at this stage that we will arrange an accompanied
viewing of the property.

What happens if I decline the offer?

The number of offers will be dependant on what list the applicant is placed.
Applicants on the High Social Priority list and those who are Section 5 referrals will only be eligible for one offer of re-housing. All other applicants will be eligible for three offers of re-housing. There is no penalty for refusing the first two offers of re-housing. If you however, refuse the 2nd offer you will be offered an interview to discuss in detail your re-housing requirements to try and ensure we can endeavour to meet your choice. If the third offer is however refused, you will be placed on the “Non Active” list for a 12 month period.

What happens if I am unhappy with the way my application is being processed?

Your application will be assessed and processed in accordance with the Allocations Policy. If you are unhappy with a decision you should in the first instance discuss the matter with the Allocation Officer or Housing Officer. If you remain dissatisfied you can arrange an interview with the Housing Manager.

The next formal process, is following the complaints procedure of the Association.