Tenant Services

The Tenant Guides are leaflets produced by the Association detailing services provided and information for applicants, tenants and owners. Note that they are usually in A5 format.

Name Description  
Handyperson Guide Guide to the association's Handyperson Service  
Management Plan The Association's internal management plan explaining what we will do between 2006 and 2009.  
Information for Housing Applicants Details of how to apply to the association for rehousing and how your application will be dealt with.  
Care and Support Priority Guide on how to apply for Care and Support points if there is a requirement for you to provide care/receive care from someone in our geographical area.  
Complaints Procedure Guide to the process of a making a formal complaint to the Association.  
Opening the Door to Glasgow’s Housing Associations Information leaflet on the work of housing associations and how they operate.  
Mutual Exchanges Guide to applying for a mutual exchange through the association.  
Owners’ Guide to our Factoring Service Guide to the service the Association provides to Residential & Commercial owners.  
Medical Priority Guide on how to apply for medical points if you have a qualifying medical conditions as set out in our policy.  
Neighbour Disputes Information leaflet to assist tenants on dealing with neighbour problems.  
Social Priority Guide to applying for social priority points due to exceptional rehousing circumstances.  
Housing Stock Profile Guide to what and where our properties are.  
Local Housing Providers/Information Centres

Guide to other housing providers and sources of information.

Thistle Tenant Risks contents insurance

Contents insurance prospectus and application form available from the office.  


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