serving the people and
      community of Shettleston 


Social Justice - we will pursue social change on behalf of the disadvantaged and vulnerable, focussing primarily on issues of housing provision

Equality and Diversity - we will make equality and diversity integral to all our activities and services to customers, staff and committee members

Sustainability - we will secure the future of the community and the organisation through the efficient and effective management of the housing stock and the fabric of the community we serve

Empowerment and Engagement - we are committed to the participation, involvement and development of residents, committee members and other stakeholders

Innovation - we will seek to innovate and adapt to changing economic and political environments for the benefit of residents, staff, committee and other stakeholders



To deliver the highest quality of housing services and customer care to the residents of Shettleston by providing a sensitive and efficient management and maintenance service to tenants and owners.

To contribute to the regeneration of Shettleston through the provision of good quality housing, at affordable rents for people in housing need who wish to live in the area.

To broaden the service of the organisation to meet the wider needs of the community, participate in wider action initiatives that will improve the physical environment, promote the provision of community facilities, local employment initiatives, and care and support services.

To work with both public and private sectors for the benefit of the community in order to generate the maximum possible investment in Shettleston.


Strategic Objectives 2017 - 2020

  1. Deliver high quality housing and customer services

  2. Provide quality homes

  3. Deliver effective governance and risk management

  4. Achieve effective communication and engagement with our customers and wider community

  5. Deliver wider action initiatives to meet local need

  6. Demonstrate strong financial management and value for money

  7. Develop staff, leadership and working arrangements