Repairs and Maintenance

House Keys

When you sign your Tenancy Agreement you will get 2 full sets of house keys. You may also get keys for common areas such as bin stores or bike sheds. If you do not think you have been given all the keys you should have, please contact your Housing Officer.

Does SHA keep keys?

Not for your house or flat. We may have copies of keys for common areas, such as those needed to get into stair cupboards and attic spaces.

What if my keys are stolen?

If you have lost one set of keys, take the other set to get copies made. You will have to pay for this yourself. In some cases the keys are security keys and cannot be copied at high street shops. If this is the case, contact us and we will advise you how to get a replacement key.

If your keys have been stolen, report it to the police and get a joiner or locksmith to change your locks. You will have to pay for this yourself.

If you are locked out call a joiner or locksmith to force entry to the door. You will have to pay for this yourself and also for any damage caused to the door or surrounds. If you do not have the money on you to get the work done privately, contact us. We will send a joiner when one is available and you will be sent a bill at a later date. If we are called out during office hours there will be a fee charged.

Can I get extra keys cut?

Yes. We recommend that you keep a spare set of keys with someone you trust who lives nearby in case you lose yours or get locked out. If you want to get spare keys cut at your own expense you can. Some keys may be cut at local shops but others are security keys and you will need a letter from SHA. If you are not sure which type of key it is, please contact us.

What about when I move out?

You must hand back all sets of keys you have. We will expect a minimum of two sets to be returned. They must be returned on or before the last day of your tenancy. You may be charged the cost of a forced entry and lock change if you do not return them on time.