Gas and Electricity

If you smell gas...

  1. DO NOT turn electric switches on or off
  2. DO NOT smoke or use a naked flame
  3. DO turn off the gas supply at the meter
  4. DO open doors and windows to get rid of the gas
  5. Phone TRANSCO on 0800 111999 BUT DO NOT use the phone in your home if that is where the smell is

What do I do if I lose power or the lights go out?

Check to see if your neighbours are also affected. If so, call Scottish Power on 0845 2 700 700.

If the fault is in your home only:

  • Check that your power card or meter is in credit
  • Check your trip switches. If you are not sure where they are or how to check them, contact SHA Maintenance
  • If the fault does not seem to be with one of your own appliances, contact SHA Maintenance

What do I do if my gas fire or boiler is not working?

  • Check that you still have credit
  • Check that your pilot light is lit
  • Check if the appliance belongs to SHA
  • If you have credit and there is no problem with the pilot light, contact SHA Maintenance

SHA will service your gas appliances every 12 months but you should arrange a service for any gas appliances which we did not provide for you.

Annual Gas Servicing

The Association carries out an annual gas service and safety check in your home to ensure that we comply with the Gas Safety Regulations and to keep you safe. We will write to you ahead of the due service date to make arrangements for our service engineers to get access to your home and we will check that your smoke or carbon monoxide detector is working properly also.

Can I change my gas or electricity supplier?

Yes, by contacting your preferred supplier.

What if I want to change my meter?

If you wish to have a power card instead of electricity meter or a Quantum meter instead of a standard gas one, you shouild contact your supplier. Or if you want a pre-paid system removed and a standard meter fitted you should also arrange this with the supplier.