Reporting a Repair

During office hours call: Freephone 0808 202 6565

For EMERGENCIES ONLY after 5pm, weekends and public holidays: 0808 202 6565 (you will be prompted to press 1 and will then be passed through to our emergency repairs provider)

What is a common repair?

A common repair is a repair for which all residents of the property are jointly responsible. Whether in a tenement, apartment block or estate, the Title Deeds or Deed of Conditions will set out the rules of operation and outline how the costs of any common repairs are allocated amongst the owners. These documents also set out the amount of money the factor is allowed to commit for common repairs, before seeking the agreement of owners.

Reactive common repairs

The Association will organise, instruct and monitor common repairs to factored properties. The Association will aim to carry out these repairs within the timescales laid down in its Maintenance Policy i.e. emergency repairs within 12 hours, urgent repairs within four working days and routine repairs within 15 working days.

Cyclical (long-term) common repairs

The Association also offers a longer term maintenance programme aimed at preventing properties falling into disrepair. Cyclical repairs include annual gutter cleaning and roof maintenance, close and window painting (usually every five years).

We will do all we can to respond to requests within the following timescales, subject to access being made available.

Routine Repairs

Definition: Any day to day repairs not categorised as emergency or urgent.   
Response: Within 15 working days.

For example:

  • Faulty light fitting.
  • Gutter cleaning.

Urgent Repairs

Definition: Those which require prompt attention to prevent further deterioration and extended damage to property.
Response: Within 4 working days. 

For example:

  • Minor roof leaks or other water ingress which are likely to cause extensive damage if left.

Emergency Repairs

Definition: Which if not attended would seriously effect the structure, security or constitute a danger to health.
Response: Within 10 hours 

For example:

  • Wind damage to chimney stacks, subsidence, fire, gas escapes.
  • No water to property.
  • No electricity to property.
  • Broken windows affecting security.

Please note that if the repair is not a common repair, then you will be charged for the full amount as outlined in your Factoring Terms and Conditions, a copy of which can be obtained from the office upon request.


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