Emergency Repairs

Emergency repairs are only those which seriously affect the occupation of your property, by posing a danger to health and property or by making your home insecure. These include:

  • Water coming in and affecting electrical equipment
  • Complete blockage of soil or waste pipes
  • Dangerous structural condition, e.g. falling masonry
  • Total lack of water and/or heating
  • Total loss of light/power to house
  • Total loss of security due to broken windows or damaged doors

You will be charged for call out services as outlined in your Factoring Terms and Conditions, a copy of which can be obtained from the office upon request.

If you need an emergency repair contact:

During office hours call: 0808 202 6565

At other times call: 0808 202 6565 (you will be prompted to press 1 and will then be passed through to our emergency repairs provider)