Repairs and Maintenance

Pets and vermin

Pest problems can be a risk to your health and safety and so, as a householder, it is important that you recognise problems and know what to do if your home is affected.  Please see our Pest Control Policy

The most common household pests are:

  • Mice and rats – you may see signs of gnawing, tracks or droppings.
  • Bees and wasps – they often build their nests in the eaves of buildings, under windowsills,
    in openings in exterior walls or chimneys.
  • Beetles – there are many different types but the most common household beetle is attracted to stored food such as flour, cereal, pasta, dried pet food, spices etc. They are most likely to appear when these foodstuffs go unused for long periods.
  • Fleas – these parasites feed on blood of people and pets. They are very small and you may only notice them by the small itchy red spots they leave on the skin.

What should I do?

The Association is not responsible for dealing with pest problems so you should contact Glasgow City Council’s Pest Control Department on 0141 287 1059.

Can SHA do anything to help?

If you notice pests in common areas, such as bin stores, contact the Association. We can give you advice and help to get rid of the problem in your own home with your assistance and  provide help after the infestation has been dealt with. For example, we may be able to block up holes in skirting boards or kitchen units to stop mice from coming back in.

In cases of serious infestation we may be served with a notice under the Prevention of Damage by Pests Act 1949. In these cases we are legally obliged to take steps to get rid of the pests and repair any damage they have caused.

How do I prevent pest problems?

Mice and rats will be deterred if you keep all refuse and food storage areas clean and keep food in sealed containers. You can set traps or put down poison but these can be dangerous and you must follow the instructions provided, especially if you have small children.

Beetles can be prevented if you make sure food is properly stored and throw out anything that is past its sell-by date or that you have not used for a while. Experience has shown us that the accumulation of food debris behind cookers and food preparation areas are the main cause of beetle infestation and the simple task of thoroughly cleaning these areas will get rid of the problem. Insect sprays are widely available but again make sure you follow the maker’s instructions. Always keep pets clean and get advice from a vet if you think your animal may have picked up fleas.