Report A Repair

You can contact us using one of the numbers below or our online form, but please read the following notes carefully.

During office hours call: Freephone 0808 202 6565

For EMERGENCIES ONLY after 5pm, weekends and public holidays: 0808 202 6565 (you will be prompted to press 1 and will then be passed through to our emergency repairs provider)

We will do all we can to respond to requests within the following timescales, subject to access being made available.

Who is responsible for what?

Click here to see what you are responsible for replacing/repairing and what SHA are responsible for replacing/repairing.

Routine Repairs

Definition: Any day to day repairs not categorised as emergency or urgent.   
Response: Within 10 working days.

For example:

  • Faulty light fitting.
  • Gutter cleaning.

Urgent Repairs

Definition: Those which require prompt attention to prevent further deterioration and extended damage to property.
Response: Within 3 working days

For example:

  • Minor roof leaks or other water ingress which are likely to cause extensive damage if left.
  • Serious instances where it would be unreasonable to expect a tenant to suffer a maintenance problem for longer than 3 working days.

Emergency Repairs

Definition: Which if not attended would seriously effect the structure, security or constitute a danger to health.
Response: Within 4 hours 

For example:

  • Wind damage to chimney stacks, subsidence, fire, gas escapes.
  • No space or water heating .
  • No water to property.
  • No electricity to property.
  • Broken windows affecting security.

Emergencies do not include losing keys, the failure of door entry or TV aerial systems or any other repair which can wait to be dealt with on the next available working day. Emergencies which occur outwith normal office hours, at weekends or during holiday periods, should be dealt with by the tenant contacting one of the emergency phone numbers below.

Tenants who arrange emergency repairs without good cause will have to pay for the repair.