Recharge Repairs

Shettleston Housing Association aims to provide excellent and customer-focused repairs and maintenance services to our tenants. Our tenancy agreement details the range of repairs the Association is responsible for, which are funded through rental income. The tenancy agreement also sets out tenants’ responsibilities to look after the home and to pay for items that are the result of their damage or misuse, beyond “fair wear and tear”.

Tenant-related repair work has become an increasingly large element of our maintenance expenditure in recent years, putting pressure on the overall budget and potentially delaying the carrying out of works to other tenant’s homes.

Shettleston Housing operates a Rechargeable Repair Policy, the purpose of which is to ensure only appropriate repair and maintenance costs are being met by the Association and to minimise the impact on the Association’s rental income from the cost of repairs and maintenance works that are the responsibility of tenants or former tenants.

You can access the full policy here: Rechargeable Repair Policy

Appealing a Recharge

If you feel you have been charged for works unfairly you can appeal our decision to recharge using our Recharge Repair Appeal Form.

Appeals must be submitted within 28 days of the invoice being issued.

An appeal against a recharge will be treated as a Stage 1 Complaint and will be responded to within 5 working days or less. Click here for full details about our Complaints Procedures.