Energy Advice

Do you need Energy Advice?

 Our Energy Adviser, Patrick is here to help you.   Patrick will be available Mondays and Tuesdays during office hours.   This is a free service.

The Energy Adviser will provide a wide range of advice and can help you with:

  • Energy debt
  • Capped supply
  • Billing and metering issues
  • Communicating with your supplier
  • Saving money on your energy bills
  • Understanding your heating system
  • Dealing with condensation and dampness

Who can use our Energy Adviser?

 People whose home is rented from Shettleston Housing Association

  • People whose home is factored by Shettleston Housing Association
  • People living within the Shettleston Housing Association area

How do I get advice and/or make an appointment with our Energy Adviser?

Advice can be delivered via

  • Telephone
  • In-person appoints at the SHA office
  • At the Shettleston HUB, Shettleston Road
  • Home visits

Call the office on 0141 763 0511 to talk to us and/or to make an appointment.

E-mail the office on:

You can only visit our office by a pre-arranged appointment.

For useful information and advice, please click on the links below:

Useful contacts:

Please click on the energy suppliers below to visit their websites:

Scottish Gas

Scottish Power

Scottish Hydro


If you have recently moved into a new property or transferring from one SHA property to another, follow this useful advice:
Take meter readings from the old property and call your supplier to let them know you are moving and let them know your forwarding address for your final bill.  Make sure you take a note of meter reads once you have the keys to your new home. Then register with your supplier and let them know your start meter reads.

If your new home has PAYG meters, don’t use the existing keys/cards as the meter may need a reset. You can get new cards/keys at any PAYPOINT shop or from our energy adviser.  If you think your new PAYG meters have existing debts, please get in touch for further advice or contact your supplier directly. Remember even if you haven’t moved into your property some suppliers charge DAILY STANDING CHARGES which normally cost 26p per meter per day.

To contact the supplier for your new home, please use the contact details below for Scottish Gas :-

  • Scottish Gas
  • Pay As You Go Meter
    Opened 24/7
  • Dry/Credit Meter
  • FREE from a Landline
  • 0800 048 0303
  • 0800 048 0202
  • CHEAPEST from a Mobile
  • 0330 100 0056
  • 0330 100 0056

The following are the best contact numbers for the other main suppliers, which you should only contact regarding the property you are moving from :-

  • Npower
  • Pay As You Go Meter
  • Dry/Credit Meter
  • FREE from a Landline
  • 0800 073 3000
  • 0800 316 8558
  • CHEAPEST from a Mobile
  • 0330 100 3000
  • 0330 100 3000
  • ScottishPower
  • Pay As You Go Meter
  • Dry/Credit Meter
  • FREE from a Landline
  • 0800 027 0072
  • 0800 027 0072
  • Scottish Hydro
  • Pay As You Go
    or Credit Meter
  • FREE from a Landline
  • 0800 072 8616
  • EDF
  • Pay As You Go
    or Credit Meter
  • FREE from a Landline
  • 0800 056 7777
  • E-on
  • Pay As You Go Meter
  • Dry/Credit Meter
  • NETWORK charges apply
  • 0345 303 3020
  • 0345 303 3020

Frequently asked questions

1. Who is the best supplier?

There is many suppliers in the market now. It is best to try a tariff comparison to find out how much of a saving you might make. Also, consider their customer service practices, you can read reviews or listen out on the news for any updates. Suppliers often receive fines, if they haven’t delivered a good standard of customer service.

2. What is the cheapest tariff?

Suppliers change their tariffs continuously, therefore it is best to get up to date information from the supplier’s website or use a tariff comparison website.
You will need your annual consumption, which you can find from your energy bill or by calling your supplier with an up to date meter reading

3. Is PAYG meters more expensive than dry meters?

No. Some people find a PAYG meter better, as it’s easier to budget and keep out of debt. Tariffs for PAYG are more competitive with some suppliers also offer dual fuel discounts regardless of meters.

4. Common energy saving behaviours:

Don’t leave appliances on standby

Only put on washing machine when you have a full load.

Use a clothes horse instead of a tumble drier

5. Extra assistance register

All suppliers will normally ask if you have any long term medical conditions or reasons for extra assistance. Basically if there is a power cut or supply interruption, your supplier will get in touch with you if you are on this extra assistance register.

6. Incentives or help available

Warm Home Discount.  This is a one off payment to eligible customers which goes directly into their electricity account Affordable Warmth Dividend, this is a payment of £100 to any Glasgow residents aged 80 years or more. There hasn’t been confirmation if this is open this year.

Advice for home owners

Owners can call Home Energy Scotland or visit their website for up to date information on grants and incentives.

Call: 0808 808 2282


“My free new central heating system has made all the difference and my home is now really cosy and my heating bills have reduced a lot”.

An owner, the steel estate.