*Services may be affected by Covid-19

Our projects team and their consultants organise the improvements to your home as part of our major investment programme.

We aim to provide you with accurate and up to date information about our investment plans and the improvements that you can expect to see across our all our neighbourhoods.

Capital investment programme 2021/22

Our capital investment works have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic over the past year and some projects had to be put on hold. During this year, we have programmed a significant investment plan in our existing homes and will be undertaking the following works:

Description of investment Number of homes
Replacement windows 12
Flat entrance doors 58
Replacement kitchens 58
Replacement bathrooms 55
Boiler replacements 195
Electrical rewire 90
Curtain walling 7
Scottish Housing Quality Standard kitchen upgrades 20
Number of closes
Stair lighting replacements 14
Controlled entry 48
Common window replacements 20

We will also be undertaking a programme of surveys and repairs to stonework in our pre—1919 tenement stock and preparing proposals for energy improvements as we look towards meeting the new Energy Efficiency Standard for Social Housing 2.

We will be in touch directly with residents that are included in the investment plan for this year.