Mid Market Rent?

Mid-Market Rent (MMR) is a relatively new type of tenure designed to meet the needs of working households on modest incomes. The properties are managed by the East End Housing Development Company, a subsidiary of Shettleston Housing Association.

Mid-Market Rent mainly aims to help people who may have difficulty accessing social rented housing, buying their own home or affording private sector rents. Applications for MMRs will normally be prioritised using the following criteria however emphasis will be placed on your employment status and household income:

  • are employed, or have an offer of employment
  • have a household income within £18,000 – £40,000
  • currently a Shettleston Housing Association tenant

Tenants will enter into a Private Residential Tenancy Agreement with East End Housing Development Company and will have access to a high quality repairs and maintenance service from Shettleston Housing Association.

This Letting Agent Code of Practice (the “Code”) sets out the standards expected of letting agents operating in Scotland in how they manage their business and provide their services.

If you wish to apply for a MMR home, please contact us and we will send you an application form.

To speak to us about anything in relation to MMR, please call us on 763 0511 (selecting option 1) or send an email to mmr@shettleston.co.uk.