How To Pay

Tenants and owners alike can make rent, fees or any other payment to Shettleston Housing Association using their Allpay Payment Card by clicking here.

You can also use your Allpay payment card to make payments at the Post Office or at PayPoint locations. The Allpay website provides more information about this.

It is your responsibility to make sure that your rent and/or any payments due to the Association, are paid by you on time. There are a number of ways you can make a payment to the Association and you can receive help with managing your payments if you are experiencing financial difficulties.

Having difficulty paying?

We are aware that some customers will occasionally have difficulty paying their bill. We are here to help, and can provide you with assistance and advice on suitable arrangements and other payment options. We are also able to refer you to our in-house energy advice team and money advice team to help you save money.

Management charge

The Association charges a management fee to all owners in tenement closes or blocks who receive the factoring service. This charge covers the administrative cost of providing the service, including our quarterly billing service, periodic property inspection and owners’ meetings.

Additional administration costs

Owners who do not live in tenement blocks are not subject to the full Management Charge but are charged an administration fee on top of each individual service their receive. Full details of the fees are set out in out Factoring Terms and Conditions and Charges Sheet.


Where it is agreed, the Association will maintain a ‘float’ on behalf of individual owners in a property. The float is used to pay for ordinary repairs to the property. Repairs and other fixed costs will continue to be billed on a quarterly basis and owner-occupiers will be required to pay and keep the floats available for bills to be paid in the next quarter.

When the owner sells the property, the float will be refunded once the balance due, up to the date of sale, has been cleared.