History of the Association

Shettleston Housing Association was set up in 1976 by local people who were concerned at the decline of their community and wished to do something to improve it.

In a broadly supportive financial and political environment the Association flourished in the 1980’s, modernising the older tenements and building new houses where opportunities arose.

The 1990’s introduced a potentially more difficult financial regime as Thatcherism finally caught up with the Glasgow housing association movement. But challenging times also brought opportunity and the Association was able to use its skills and experience to continue the work of improvement and through stock transfers from Scottish Homes, to widen its activities, broaden its financial base and improve its services.

What tenants thought, what they wanted and how we could meet their expectations became important issues for the Association, as surveys sought out the opinion of tenants and services were changed and adapted to fit the messages that came back. Equally the Association took forward planning more seriously, not least by going back to the work that had already been done and planning for reinvestment and renewal in existing stock. The Association came to realise that improvement and renewal, once started cannot be dropped and investment in previously modernised homes is now as important an activity as the building of new ones.

The first years of the new century has seen a growing emphasis on the Association’s role in the wider community as government seeks to utilise the skills of associations like Shettleston to provide additional services and regeneration in addition to housing.

The Association now owns and manages nearly 2,300 houses throughout the community of Shettleston, with property in Springboig, Greenfield, Sandyhills and Budhill, as well as the original sandstone tenements of Shettleston Rd. In addition we provide a factoring service to approximately 1,000 owners.