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Our projects team and their consultants organise the improvements to your home as part of our major investment programme.

We aim to provide you with accurate and up to date information about our investment plans and the improvements that you can expect to see across our all our neighbourhoods.

Projects in 2019/2020

Here is a breakdown of our investment programme for the current financial year.

Boiler replacement project

200 homes will benefit from the fitting of new condensing gas boilers – of the high energy efficient type.  This will help to reduce heating bills for tenants.

Bathroom and rewire improvements project

63 homes will have new bathrooms fitted.

Electrical rewire project

48 homes will receive electrical rewiring upgrades to meet current standards.

Kitchen improvement project

71 homes will benefit from new kitchens.

Flat entrance doors project

83 flat entrance doors will be replaced.

Windows project

40 homes will have windows replaced.

Door entry project

80 -100 properties will receive door entry upgrades.

Stair lighting project

20 -30 closes will have their stair lighting upgraded.

Fire detection upgrades

Properties that have yet to have new smoke detection systems installed, will be upgraded.  This will ensure that all our houses are compliant with the new legislation for fire detection systems.

Academy Street structural repairs

Structural repairs to the front and rear elevations of this block are underway.

Curtain walling (Edrom Court)

We will replace the common timber windows with a curtain walling system.


We will prepare bin store areas so that they are ready to receive new bins from Glasgow City Council, as part of their programme to replace metal bins with new wheelie bins.

Scottish Housing Quality Standard (SHQS)

We will continue to upgrade our properties that do not currently meet the SHQS.  This includes a small number of properties that do not have gas central heating, or properties where structural works are required to enlarge the kitchen size to comply with SHQS.

Please note that we will contact all residents affected by the upcoming projects detailed above, prior to the commencement of works.  We will also seek participation of owners affected by common works by calling a close meeting to discuss details of the scope of works and anticipated costs.