Upkeep Shettleston Community Enterprises Ltd  is a successful social enterprise, established in 2005.

We are a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shettleston Housing Association and a company limited by shares.   Upkeep is a commercial trading company with a turnover of £2.4 million and employs 50 full and part-time staff.

We have our own Board which operates in accordance with an Independence Agreement and a Service Sharing Agreement with Shettleston HA.

We provide Shettleston HA with a range of services including:

  • Day to day and cyclical maintenance
  • Void works and Major Repairs
  • Stair cleaning and back court maintenance
  • Landscape gardening

Additionally, Upkeep also provides services on a far more limited scale to other social landlords and private clients.

From its inception in 2005, as an estate services provider, Upkeep grew rapidly in the ensuing years and built up an external customer base in addition to a fast growing role in the delivery of Shettleston HA’s repairs and maintenance programme.

Our Purpose
We are a social enterprise, providing high quality, value for money property maintenance and estate management services to Shettleston Housing Association and its tenants.  We contribute to the local community and economy through the creation of employment, training and development opportunities in the area.

Our Vision
Our vision, which we share with our parent, is for:

Thriving and prosperous local communities where all residents enjoy great homes and services, an attractive physical environment, and good life chances.

Our Values
Our values, and the behaviours that we believe are required to underpin these (also shared with SHA) are:

  • Customer service:  commitment, service excellence, professionalism, engagement, respect
  • Making a difference for the community: achievement, social conscience, environmental impact, social & economic Impact, innovation
  • Teamwork:   partnership working, creative problem solving, communication, accountability, social Inclusion
  • Fairness:  equal treatment for all, honesty, trust, integrity, openness

Upkeep’s accreditations:

GAS SAFE – https://www.gassaferegister.co.uk/

Upkeep company registration number : SC277511
Date of incorporation  :  16th December 2004
Upkeep vat number :  873630609