Contact your Factoring Team

The Association is committed to continually improving the service we offer to owners. To this end, we are happy to meet with owners, individually or collectively, to discuss issues of concern or to consult with you over new proposals.

We welcome all of your comments and in particular we welcome feedback through our ‘How Well Did We do?’ cards. These are available at the office, or online at survey

If you would like further information about our factoring service, you can contact our Factoring Administration Officers Carol Hughes and Moira Stoops on 0141 763 0511.  Alternatively, you can contact the factoring team by sending us an email at .

Essential contact information

Please help us to keep in touch with you bu advising us of your up to date telephone numbers, email addresses and correspondence details, if different from the factored property address. You can provide these details to us by contacting the factoring team as outlined above.