Factoring Services

Owners have a responsibility to keep their property and its common parts maintained. Owners are required to pay for common repairs and, where a factoring service is provided, to pay any management fees. When a property is sold, the new owner takes over responsibility for maintaining the property and paying for the factoring service.

The Association offers a factoring service to owners within tenements and estates in its area and this page sets out the key elements of the service. Full details on the Terms and Conditions of the service are available in your Factoring Terms and Conditions booklet which is available at our office.

The Association can provide close cleaning and backcourt caretaking services in addition to its reactive repairs service. The Association can also carry out private garden maintenance and private/internal repairs to owners’ properties. However, owners who would like to use the private repair service are required to pay for the work in advance.

Buildings insurance

As part of our factoring terms and conditions, the Association is responsible for ensuring that the building is adequately insured. We request those that have not provided us with a copy of their insurance that they do so. Alternatively, if you wish to join the Association’s block policy, please contact the factoring team on 763 0511 or send an email to factoringteam@shettleston.co.uk

If you have joined our block policy and wish to make a claim, please contact Protector Insurance on 0161 274 9077.