Class 1

How We Deliver our Functions and Services

Information about our work, our strategy and policies for delivering services and information for our service users.

1.1    Descriptions of Who We Are
Our Purpose Click here
Vision Click here
Values Click here
Strategic Objectives Click here
Areas of operation Click here
Business Plan (or summary) Click here
1.2      Location and Opening Arrangements
Address Click here
Telephone number and e-mail address for general enquiries (and dedicated lines where appropriate) Click here
Opening Times Click here
General contact arrangements Click here
Local/Area office contact details Click here
Contact details for making a complaint Click here
1.3    Information relating to Freedom of Information
Publication Scheme and Guide to Information Guide to Information
Charging Schedule for Published Information Guide to Information
Contact details and advice on making an FOI request Jo Farren

Corporate Services Manager

0141 763 0511

Freedom of Information and Environmental Information Policy. Click here
Charging Schedule for environmental information provided in response to requests made under EIRs This document
1.4    About our Governing Body
Information about our Governing Body Members Shettleston Housing Association:

Board of Management                         –  Click here

Board of Management Biographies  –  Click here

Board of Management Structure       –  Click here


Board Structure                                    –  Click here

How to become part of the governing body Website  –  Get involved                      Click here
1.5    About Our Staff
Our Executive Team Shettleston Housing Association     –  Click here

Upkeep                                                        –  Click here

Our Organisation’s Structures Shettleston Housing Association     –  Click here

Upkeep                                                          –  Click here

1.6    Governance Documents and Corporate Policies
Rules/Articles Click here
Standing Orders Click here
Membership Policy Click here
Code of Conduct for Staff Shettleston Housing Association   –  Click here

Upkeep                                                      –  Click here

Code of Conduct for Governing Body Members Click here
Entitlements Payments and Benefits Policy Click here
Register of Interests Available on request.
Equalities Policy Click here
Health and Safety Policy Click here
Sustainability Policy Click here
1.7    Relationship with Regulators
Engagement plan with Scottish Housing Regulator Click here
Assurance Statement Click here
Annual Return on Charter Submission to SHR Click here
Financial Returns to SHR 5 Year Financial Projection 2022.2023

Loan Portfolio 2022.2023

Audited Financial Accounts 2023

Charter report to tenants Click here
Internal Auditors Wylie & Bisset                                               –  Click here
External Auditors Azets                                                                –  Click here
1.8     Group Details
Details of our subsidiaries/parent organisation Upkeep (Shettleston Community Enterprises Ltd)

East End Housing Development

1.9     Key Partnerships
Strategic agreements with other organisations Glasgow City Council                          –  Click here

Scottish Housing Regulator               –  Click here

Royal Bank of Scotland                      –  Click here

Upkeep                                                  –  Click here

Scottish Housing Network                –  Click here

Community Safety Glasgow              –  Click here