Class 5

How We Manage Our Resources

Information about how we manage our human, physical and information resources.

5.1     Human Resources
Staffing Structure Click here
Human resources policies:

·      EVH Terms & conditions

SHA –  Click here

Upkeep – Click here

·      Recruitment Policy Click here
·      Staff learning and development policy Click here
·      Maintenance and retention of staff records Click here
Trade Union information Unite – Click here
Summary of professional organisations/trade bodies of which we are a member Scotland Excel – Click here

CIH – Click here

SFHA – Click here

EVH – Click here

TPAS – Click here

5.2     Physical Resources
Management of our land and property assets, including environmental/sustainability reports Maintenance Policy – Click here

Sustainability Policy – Click here

General description of our land and property holdings Click here
Estate development plans Available on request
5.3     Information Resources
Records management policy and records management plan, including records retention schedule Click here
Data protection or privacy policy Click here