We’re consulting you about increasing the percentage of homes we allocate to the homeless

On page 11 of our latest newsletter, we included an article about the increased demand of homeless households for accommodation. The pandemic has certainly made the homeless situation worse across the city and Glasgow City Council is asking Registered Social Landlords, like ourselves, to allocate 90% of lets (excluding transfers where a current tenant needs a move within our area) to homeless households.  This temporary change to our allocations procedures is something we are seeking your views on. 

Please read the article on page 11 and send your views via a private message on facebook, or you can call us on 763 0511 to give your views to Sandra McIlroy or Anne McAlpine.  You can also email your views to sha@shettleston.co.uk.  We would appreciate a response as soon as possible so that we can take your views to our Committee meeting on Tuesday.

You can read our newsletter article about homeless challenges by clicking here.