Heating Breakdowns

We are continuing to receive a high volume of calls for heating breakdowns and working through these as quickly as we can. Our heating contractor has received around 3,000 breakdown calls each day this week, a significant increase from the average 500 per day and mostly linked to the consistent freezing temperatures. Please continue to report any issues with your heating and we will log these and have our engineer attend as soon as they can. We can also provide temporary heaters and bottled water where required as a temporary measure until your heating is restored. Thank you for your patience.

REPAIRS… your call is important to us

During this cold snap our heating engineers are extremely busy and have had some issues with their phone lines. If you have a heating fault, please continue to call and we will have someone attend as soon as we can.

Thank you for your patience.

THISTLE Home Contents Insurance Scheme

10 Reasons why you need THISTLE Home Contents Insurance. Please check out their 10 Reasons Flyer that could give you peace of mind.

Help during the cost of living crisis

The cost of living crisis presents an ongoing challenge for everyone, and you may be finding it difficult to make ends meet. As part of its response to this situation, the Scottish Government launched a new website costofliving.campaign.gov.scot, bringing information on support, grants, benefits and advice into one place to help you find what support you may be entitled to.

Elected Members session today at Shettleston Housing Association

Great to chat to elected members at our Briefing session today:  John Mason MSP and Councillors McAveety, Doherty, Christie and Pidgeon.   

The cost of living crisis; our new St Marks development & the need for more big homes; and the challenges around rent setting discussed.  

Here to Help

We here at Shettleston have compiled a leaflet with various helpful numbers, please click here for more information.

North West Food Banks – Opening Times

Click Here