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Draft Medical Adaptations Policy Consultation

Draft Medical Adaptations Policy

 We know that when health or mobility deteriorates most people prefer to remain in their own home for as long as possible. By adapting existing properties the Association can help tenants to achieve this goal. Alterations such as this are called medical adaptations and the Council provides some grant funding assistance to allow these works to be carried out. Adaptations can include fitting additional handrails or ramps or replacing a bath with a level access shower to improve access for those with decreasing mobility.

The Association can only undertake medical adaptation works following a referral from a medically qualified Occupational Therapist. They will assess the medical needs of the tenant and will recommend appropriate alterations. Unfortunately, we are not always able to take forward requested adaptations. This can be because the property is not suitable for adaptation or because there is not enough funding available to meet demand.

We have developed a Medical Adaptations Policy that sets down our approach to undertaking adaptations. This explains how we will:

  • Respond to referrals for medical adaptations to existing properties.
  • Assess the suitability of the property for the adaptation.
  • Consider other housing options with the tenant requiring the adaptation.
  • Prioritise and programme adaptation works.
  • Keep tenants informed during the process.
  • Report and record adaptations so that homes are most effectively allocated in the future.

A copy of the full draft policy can be found here :    Draft Medical Adaptations Policy

Key elements within the policy

We would like to hear your views on the key elements within the draft policy:

  • How we assess and prioritise medical adaptation works, based on the priority score given by the Occupational Therapist.
  • The practical considerations we will take into account when assessing whether to take forward a requested adaptation.
  • The assistance we can offer to tenants to potentially move to a property that better meets their medical requirements.
  • How we aim to allocate previously adapted properties.
  • The timescale for considering a new adaptation request following the start of a tenancy.

We would appreciate your feedback on these key elements of the proposed Medical Adaptations Policy.

To provide feedback please contact us by:

Email :

Tel :     0141 763 0511

Post:   Helen McGregor House, 65 Pettigrew Street, GLASGOW, G32 7XR

GLASGOW CITY COUNCIL (changes to kerbside service)

Glasgow City Council have made changes to their recycling service for kerbside bin collections will be implemented from March this year ahead of a city-wide roll-out over the following year.

The revised arrangements will see residents in properties with a front and back door (kerbside service) receive a new grey bin for plastics, metals, cartons, soft plastics and film. As well as plastic bottles, this bin can now be used to recycle other types of plastic including yoghurt pots, margarine tubs, food trays, soft plastics and film, e.g. plastic wrapping, carrier bags and film lids. Food tins, drinks cans and cartons can also be recycled in this bin.

They are also changing what can be recycled in the blue bin; this bin will be for paper, card and cardboard only.

Please find attached the following for your information:

For more information visit: (this link will be live from Friday 23 February 2024)

Exciting News coming in 2024

Online Tenant’s Portal

We will be introducing a new secure web site for tenant’s to manage their tenancy online.  This will be launching in April 2024.

The tenancy portal will help:

  • tenants can update their personal details such as phone numbers or other residents in the household online without having to call the office or visit in-person.
  • applicants can complete a new application form online which will be simpler and easier to complete.
  • tenants can view their bills, recharges and any letters.  This is available 24/7 and payments can be also made on-line.
  • tenants can report repairs and defects online which can then be filtered directly into our main system.
  • we will also have an on-line bulletin board for updates and announcements.

Homelessness Advice & Assistance

If you require homelessness advice and assistance, during office hours, then you should contact Health and Social Care Connect on 0141 287 0555.

You can also request homelessness assistance on-line HERE

 If you require assistance after 4.45pm Monday to Thursday or 3.55pm on a Friday or weekends and public holidays, then please contact the Emergency Out of Hours Homelessness Service on 0800 838 502.

 You can also visit the Glasgow City Council Homelessness Page HERE


Our Annual Performance Report

This year’s Performance Report can be viewed here on our website. It shows how we delivered against the key Scottish Social Housing Charter outcomes in 2022/23 and compares our performance with that of other social landlords. The report confirms that we continue to perform relatively well but with some areas identified for continuing review and improvement.

The report includes our Service Improvement Action Plan which sets out how we aim to address issues raised by tenants in the Tenant Satisfaction Survey that was carried out in the early summer. Thanks to Tenant Forum members for their earlier feedback on the draft Plan.

If you would like more information about the Report, or the Tenant Forum, please contact your Housing Officer of Jamie Sweet our Community Regeneration Officer.

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