Our delivery of essential services under lockdown restrictions

As you will be aware, the Scottish Government introduced tighter restrictions on 5th January and these appear likely to remain in force until at least the middle of February. We are continuing to deliver all of our essential services but need to ensure that we are doing so in accordance with the Scottish Government’s new “Stay at Home “ Guidance.  In this way we will minimise the risk of cross-infection and best protect the health and safety of our staff, tenants and other service users and their families.  As a result you will notice some differences to how we operate:

  • We are currently only able to carry out “essential“ repairs , required to protect tenant safety and/or the security of the property.  These will mainly fall within our own Emergency repair category. 
  • We will be continuing to seek to carry out Gas and Electrical safety checks which are essential for tenant safety.
  • We aim to minimise the number of occasions when a staff member has to visit your home.  As a result, when you report a repair you are likely to be asked more detailed questions about the problem and may also be asked if you are able to send us a digital photograph of the problem.  Our Maintenance Officers will now only visit to assess the problem when really necessary.
  • Upkeep, our direct works team, will continue to deliver the following services and has further reviewed its health and safety protocols: close cleaning, backcourt maintenance, bulk uplift and removal, gutter cleaning, and legionella testing (from common areas)
  • Inspections at the end of tenancies have now been suspended and outgoing tenants will be given detailed information about what they need to do to ensure that the property is left in a suitable condition.
  • Work to empty (or “void”) properties will continue as normal in order to prepare them for re-let as soon as possible to meet the needs of homeless and other households in need on our list.
  • Our lettings process will however now be ‘contactless’ where possible, with viewings being offered “virtually” and tenancy sign- ups taking place online as appropriate.

Please remember that in any situation where a staff member or contractor is to meet with you we will ask you some questions about your current situation and whether you are self-isolating or shielding so that we can understand how best to protect all concerned. 

If you have any questions about any of this, please do not hesitate to contact us on 763 0511 or sha@shettleston.co.uk.