GLASGOW CITY COUNCIL (changes to kerbside service)

Glasgow City Council have made changes to their recycling service for kerbside bin collections will be implemented from March this year ahead of a city-wide roll-out over the following year.

The revised arrangements will see residents in properties with a front and back door (kerbside service) receive a new grey bin for plastics, metals, cartons, soft plastics and film. As well as plastic bottles, this bin can now be used to recycle other types of plastic including yoghurt pots, margarine tubs, food trays, soft plastics and film, e.g. plastic wrapping, carrier bags and film lids. Food tins, drinks cans and cartons can also be recycled in this bin.

They are also changing what can be recycled in the blue bin; this bin will be for paper, card and cardboard only.

Please find attached the following for your information:

For more information visit: (this link will be live from Friday 23 February 2024)