Welfare Rights Advice

Do you need advice on Social Security Benefits or Tax Credits?

Our Welfare Rights Team are here to help you.

This is a free and confidential service.

The Welfare Rights Team will provide a wide range of benefits advice and can help you with:

• ‘Better off’ calculations, choosing the right benefits for you

• Help you to fill in benefit claim forms

• Protect benefits you are already getting

• Help you to understand and/or deal with benefit letters

• Speak to the benefit authorities on your behalf (with your verbal or written authority)

• Appeal against and then, if required, represent you at benefit appeals or tribunals

• Refer you onto Money Advice Service if money or debt problems are identified.

Who can use our Welfare Rights Service?

  • People whose home is rented from Shettleston Housing Association
  • People whose home is factored by Shettleston Housing Association

How do I get advice and/or make an appointment with the Welfare Rights Team?

Contact George or Stephen, our Welfare Rights Team through any of these methods:

• Call the office on 0141 763 0511 to talk to us and/or make an appointment.

• E-mail the office at:  sha@shettleston.co.uk

  You can only visit our office by a pre-arranged appointment